1. So here's  ,The most popular question in training history. How do I tone-up?

So lets, try to help you with this question.. You may not like my response.. Diet, diet and more diet. Now, this does not mean you can't get yourself In shape by lifting weights, physical programs and group classes ,sure you can;But to believe, The results you are looking to obtain. Are achieved without paying attention to your food intake, and understanding how the human body And food, work together. You will always be in that 65%, This is the people you See walking  around the gym. Year, after year. Yet always looks the same. Training Is 70% diet, 20% physical and 10 % genetics......

2. So can I tone- up in two months?

How many times have you heard this one. Your answer is: YES, anytime you lose or gain weight. This may help your goals. But can I give you my real thoughtsÂ….TRAINING IS A LIFETIME COMMITMENT.. Please don't workout in spurts Â…, stay consistent, Your body loves this, and it will Reward you in the endÂ…Â…. SO DID I HELP!! you with your question......

3. So, you say everytime I start a weight loss program. I immediately lose 5 lbs, But then the process slows dramatically. So why is this?

Well,keep in mind Every persons genetics are never the same. This is, the reason for varying weight loss, From person to person. Now, with all this being said most humans are Exactly a like. The original 5 lbs,some of us like to called this water  weight. Now, lets talk about this the human body is the greatest  Â“computer” everCreated, when you start your program  This becomes a shock to your body. So the body over works, to catch up with,What your Brain wants it to do. This is your 5lbs, But eventually the body catches up. Now it dosen't have to Work as hard. The human body always adjusts, last studies say if you lose a pound a week, you are well on your way to success. And I do  AGREE!!!