About Us

G.TrainXpress is all about a  person who has been in the gym industry for the past 20 years.He started as a personal trainer, eventually became more involved in group fitness..his education is quite vast.it stems from spinning certifications, personal training certifications, nutrition certificates and others. He is also an American red cross professional. Which means, through his organization,  you can received an CPR/AED certificate. As well as other red cross certificates. He works hard and dilligent at helping you achieve your individual goals.the keyword is HELP, it is never about him ,but always about you. we will work together to help complete your journey...FITNESS!!!

Well, his dedication to fitness began as a young man in the united states marine corps. Yes,This is where all of the discipline began. His mental strength and conviction, is what he attempts to bring to you...He has very strong believe in these special words....
"Good health is mental"